Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

The issue:  When youth turn 18 and have aged out of the foster care system, they usually do not have anywhere to go, and are expected to live responsibly, make good decisions, and know how to take care of themselves.  All the while having no real community support or resources to make these things happen.  When these young adults have no support, their chances of becoming addicted, homeless or imprisoned is very high.  We must step in break the cycle for our next generation!

Our solution:  Ignite 405 provides a faith based transitional living program for youth, ages 18 and up.  We surround them with a loving, safe community that will promote hope and opportunities to grow.  Our mission is to help them find their God given purpose, supply them with basic needs, and provide ongoing life skills teaching to set them up for a better future.  Just as all of our programs, we will link arms and show them that they are not alone!  One by one we can ignite change in our youth for generations to come.


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