Adult Men and Women

The issue: Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation.  In 2020, we had just over 1,000 drug related overdose deaths, and on a given night, there were 1,573 reported unsheltered homeless on our streets.  We know the facts, and we cannot stand aside and watch as our state cries out for change!

Our solution:  Ignite 405 serves men and women who want change.  Every week we help our residents find spiritual, mental and physical health.  They attend weekly addiction recovery classes, church services, and are encouraged to volunteer in the community as well.  Other services include budgeting, connecting to jobs, mentors, and much more.  Through these basic needs they are able to develop life skills and learn to live Gods way.  Every story is unique.  We will link arms with every person that walks through our program and show them the love of Christ! 

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